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Stacey Solomon

February 2010

“Who are you?” she giggles when I call.
I’m the 13th Duke of Wybourne... no she wouldn’t understand that Fast Show reference. Stacey Solomon is only 20. And there’s a lot she doesn’t understand.
Such is her scatterbrain charm, that -- alongside a vaulting voice -- resulted in her coming third, behind Olly Murs and Joe McElderry in the sixth series of the X Factor.
There have been rumours of a romance with Olly.
“They’re just funny I think because me and him get on so well. We’re just like, if only people knew the truth it’d be really funny.”
The truth being that they’re not going out. Keep up.
You’re more like brother and sister, then?
“Yeah, we are like brother and sister.”
So you’re single?
What do you look for in a man?
“Someone funny. I used to out with these really ugly people because they’re funny.”
I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear that.
She adds: “Looks don’t really bother me. I’m a personality person.”
What about an England footballer, I hear there’s one who has just become available?
“Oh I’m sure there’s a few available,” she titters.
Eh? She didn’t get that. Oh she did...
“I want someone loyal, someone faithful.”
And someone prepared to look after her two-year-old son Zacharay.
“Yeah but I’m not a looker. I wouldn’t really go out and look for someone. I think if you are going to be with someone you just meet them. It just happens.”
She claims that being on the X Factor hasn’t meant more blokes chatting her up.
“Not that I’ve noticed anyway.”
Stacey is in Cardiff when we speak, on The X Factor Live Tour 2010 that includes eight of the finalists from the last series, among them John and Edward Grimes a.k.a. Jedward.
I bet they’re annoying, aren’t they?
“Not at all no. I think they’re the funniest people I’ve ever met. They hilarious.”
Everyone on the tour is, she says, “lovely” but she spends most playtime with Olly and the twins.
During the show Stacey sings Who Wants To Live Forever?, What A Wonderful World and The Scientist plus I’ve Got A Feeling and You Are Not Alone with the rest of the finalists.
There’s footage of the Michael Jackson song on YouTube where each walks out to begin a new line of the song, except Jedward. They appear not to be singing.
“You probably can’t hear them because everyone’s cheering so much,” she says.
“People are going mad. I can’t really hear what’s going on because of the screaming.
“It’s fun ain’t it? I would. Every concert I’ve ever been to I’m jumping up and down screaming.”
Her first was the Spice Girls when she was just six.
“I think when you’re a kid whatever’s in is in, ain’t it? And I thought they were the best thing ever when I was little.”
But it was boy band Five who dominated the wall space when she was growing up.
That was in Dagenham, Essex, which has prompted her being given the label, Dagenham Diva.
“It makes me larf. I never do anything really diva-ish.”
Is she loaded now, since being on the X Factor?
“No! Who’s rich? No one is ever rich. Even if you earn loads of money the taxman takes half.”
Little bit of politics...
Of course, she hasn’t earned a huge amount since appearing on the show. That will come with a Leona Lewis style record deal, which Stacey is still seeking.
“The ultimate is to get a record deal and be really successful but I’d like to do other things as well, like presenting and theatre work.”
If she has to go back to Havering College to finish her performing arts diploma then so be it.
“I don’t see any shame in going back.”
For now she’s enjoying the spotlight playing to sold-out arenas.
So you’re on stage about half-an-hour in total?
“Summink like that, don’t ask me, it just flies by.”
But it leaves you with a lot of free time backstage. What do you do?
“You have to keep getting ready, the changes are quite quick, you have a break where you have to meet guests... you don’t really stop to be honest.”
Her son is with her today but not for the whole tour.
“Because we are here for a whole week he can settle but I won’t drag him everywhere.”
Does he know what mum’s doing?
“Not at all and he doesn’t care. He just enjoys the food.”
And lots of attention, no doubt.
“Too much attention.”
He’s not the only one. The tabloids have enjoyed running stories on Stacey -- and they’re not always correct.
“There are so many things I’ve looked at and thought ‘huh!’ The funniest was the other day when I walked out my house with no make-up on and really horrible clothes because I was going for a spray tan and you don’t want to get spray tan over your nice clothes. And they were like ‘Stacey’s not doing so well, look at her in her normal clothes’. God forbid I should go out the house in normal clothes!”
The tour, which comes to the Trent FM Arena on Monday and Tuesday, will be her first visit to Nottingham. And she has no idea what to expect.
What about Robin Hood?
“Oh yeah, Robin Hood and Little John. Where’s Sherwood Forest, is that in Nottingham (which she pronounces “No-i-gum”)?
It’s in Nottinghamshire.
“Is that inside No-i-gum?”
It’s in the county.
“Have you got a little memorial?”
There’s a statue.
“Ohhh!” she gasps.
“Wicked. I’m a bit of a fan of things like that.”

The X Factor Live Tour 2010, Trent FM Arena, March 1 and 2, 7.30pm, £28.50, 08444 124624,

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