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My Weekend

A perfect weekend would be just pottering around with my son Michael and (girlfriend) Maia. Getting out on the bikes and going somewhere for lunch. Just simple family time, really.
This weekend I’m going to London and collecting my son. We’re getting the train up here to St Helens and we’ll be doing his official Christmas list for Father Christmas. We’re going to start making some decorations as well.
That’s what I’ll normally do at weekends, either seeing my son or travelling to Dublin to see Maia.
When the little un’s up, what’s on the TV is pretty much dictated by him. He’s six but he’ll watch The X-Factor. That’s when I go in the back room and... ‘that reminds me, I must pull those fingernails’. I’m really not a fan of any of the Saturday night reality stuff.
I don’t watch much TV. It’s mainly movies. I’m a bit of a film buff. I’ll go through phases of only watching indie films or British films, then I’ll go off on a tangent and watch only sci-fi. At the moment it’s the Aussie comedies, like Summer Heights High.
I do watch films with Michael, like Wall-E. That’s a beautiful film.
I tell you what I watched the other night that I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want it to end - the final series of The Sopranos.
I swear to God I watch a box set of it then I’m wandering around in a white vest. I just get Tony-sized.
People were saying the final scene was a cop-out but I like things being left open-ended, rather than it being sewn up in a neat little package.
I love cookery shows but I’m not the cook. If Michael is up and watching something with my nephew in the other room, we’ll be watching Saturday Kitchen. It’s our big treat.
Maia’s the cook. I used to think that I could cook all right but then when you’re with someone who can cook, you just despise your own cooking.
I have lost a bit of weight. Some have said six stone but I genuinely don’t know because I haven’t weighed myself. I can only measure it in M&S sizes. I’ve gone from a 46” to a 38” (waist).
Well, I was until I went filming (Benidorm) out in Spain where everything was deep-fried. I’m sure if a professional tailor measured me at the moment... there’s a quite a bit of overhang going on. And a little bit of denial.
I’m not a gym man, no. I do want to get back in to my skipping. I do. It’s the best one for weight loss. Boxers do it.
No. I’m not in to the communal experience of gyms. I have a rowing machine and mini-gym upstairs in my house... that has remained untouched for 14 months. I should never have put them upstairs. I’d probably use them if they weren’t forty steps away.

Johnny Vegas will compere the Just The Tonic Xmas Special at the Royal Concert Hall, featuring Jim Jefferies, Will Smith and others, on Monday December 21. For tickets call 0115 989 5555.

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