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Howard Marks

September 2009

My weekend...

I SHALL be in South Wales tonight with the show I'm touring around the country alongside Kav, who used to be in the Happy Mondays.
I'll stay over in Cardiff on Saturday and get drunk before heading to Nottingham with the same show at The Maze on Sunday night.
It's a typical weekend for me – I'm usually working.
My weekend will usually begin with me ensuring I have everything together to do a show or a DJ set but some weekends I have to lock myself away and fulfil a writing deadline.
Last weekend was an example of that – I wrote a travel piece on Egypt for The Times that will be published next Wednesday.
I do like my music, usually old fashioned rock'n'roll and dubstep.
And I do like to go to gigs to see bands. I'm a regular at venues in the winter and festivals in the summer. I enjoy family-oriented music festivals mostly, in particular Camp Bestival in Dorset and Beautiful Days in Exeter. I went to both of those this year.
In terms of gigs, I've seen the Dub Pistols several times and have been very impressed with their performances.
I'm constantly on the move so I don't spend much time in front of the television. I hardly ever watch live TV.
I'm currently watching the DVD box set Egypt – Recovering a Lost World.
Boringly enough, one of my favourite DVD box sets is Planet Earth.
I hardly ever go to the cinema either, though I recently saw and liked The Boat that Rocked.
I haven't really got a favourite radio station or show. I only listen to the radio if I'm driving.
I'm currently reading High Spirits by Robertson Davies. It's a book of ghost stories. But I usually tend to go for autobiographies.
I like my food and you'll find me in a restaurant every day of the year. I highly recommend Shabab and my own restaurant, Azucar, which are both in Leeds.
The food passion continues at home as well and if I order a takeaway I tend to favour prawn and mushroom madras.
Do I keep fit? No.
My idea of a perfect weekend is one with lots of sex.

The Howard Marks Q&A and DJ set with Kav playing live with his band is at The Maze in Mansfield Road on Sunday from 8.30pm. Tickets are £9 at the door or in advance from the venue or Fopp, in Queen Street. To book call 0115 947 5650. Howard Marks appears on Kav's Mr Nice EP which is released on September 28.

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