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Katherine Jenkins

July 2009

THE last time she was in the city, at the Royal Concert Hall, Katherine Jenkins made a quip to the audience about her dress being from Primark. As if. "Why don't I go to Primark?" laughs the millionaire singer.
"I like a bargain just like everybody else. I think it's all about mixing the designers you like to wear with high street things. Any bargain I can grab is a good thing."
Shoes are her biggest indulgence.
"It's such a girly thing," she giggles.
"I'm building a small collection."
She was pictured at Wimbledon this week with her mum and Twittered from the Royal Box on Centre Court that she was drinking champagne.
"What a way to finish the day, sitting on the balcony with a glass of champagne in the sun."
The story in one tabloid highlighted how the natural brunette is getting blonder.
"I haven't changed my hair colour recently so I don't know how suddenly I've gone blonder. And the photo said 'Katherine and her mother' but the picture was of a random person. My mum was the other side of me," she laughs.
"She was gutted."
She couldn't do Wimbledon yesterday and will miss Andy Murray's semi-final match.
"I am going to the men's final on Sunday though," she says.
"Having sung at the opening of the roof they gave me some tickets."
It'd passed me by that one. A ceremony to mark the opening of the new roof. Weird.
"I've really got caught up in the whole tennis thing," she chirps. "My mum comes to London every year. My birthday is always during Wimbledon and she comes up with the excuse that she's coming to see me."
Jenkins turned 29 on Monday and is having a week of celebrations. Tonight she's going to see Take That. Friends and family must struggle to think of gifts.
"They do say that, but I don't think I'm too hard to buy for because I just love bags, accessories and anything girlie."
A pair of shoes from Primark would do the job.
"(Laughs) Or gift vouchers."
Today tickets went on sale for her debut solo show at the Trent FM Arena.
"I want to give people their money's worth. We're going to have a big orchestra and I want it to be a theatrical experience. Having toured the arenas in Viva La Diva with Darcy Bussell I learned so much."
Britain's Got Talent runners-up Escala will support.
"It's nice to have an all-girl theme to the show. Why not add a bit of glamour to it all?"
One for the lads...
"(Laughs) And the girls. I love it when the girls talk dresses."
She adds: "I've had a good handful of concerts in Nottingham and I always get a nice response. The first time I came was for a more core classical concert," she recalls. That was in 2005 with the BBC Concert Orchestra.
"Outside the stage door, there are always people there and I do photos and sign stuff."
You must get the odd nutbag who is over familiar?
"That happens, but not in a bad way. People do think they know me. I was home in Wales the other day running with my dog in the park and this lady stopped me and she's like 'Hiya, how long are you home for then? How's mam? ' As if she's known me all my life. I think it's hilarious.
"But I think everyone in the public eye every now and again has a weirdo."

Katherine Jenkins, Trent FM Arena, March 7 2010.

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