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Lord Of The Rink

March 2009

SINCE Sunday's final, the TV cameras have been packed away but the ice rink at Elstree Studios remains.
Many of the stars of Dancing On Ice are still making the journey to the TV centre in order to rehearse new routines for the forthcoming UK tour.
Ray Quinn, who was crowned the Lord Of The Rink at the weekend, is among them.
"I'm still on cloud nine – I'm still stuck to those wires I think," he says from a noisy studio.
"They're cleaning the ice," chirps the 20-year-old Scouser, who is rehearsing with fellow contestants Jessica Taylor from Liberty X, Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, ex-Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallet, TV presenter and ex model Melinda Messenger and former EastEnders/The Bill star Todd Carty.
They'll be on the tour that comes to Nottingham's Trent FM Arena next month for three shows.
And they'll be joined by previous winners Kyran Bracken and Suzanne Shaw.
He thinks it'll be more fun than the TV show.
"There'll definitely be less pressure but there's definitely pressure to get it right in front of thousands of people. But we'll have more fun with it without the added pressure of trying to get through each week.
"I'm really excited to go on tour and to relive it all with Maria (Filippov) because she's a wonderful partner."
Much has been made of the chemistry between the dancing partners but Quinn has batted off any suggestions of a romance, reminding journalists that his girlfriend, Emma Stephens, was cheering him on all the way.
He went into Sunday night's live final against Jessica Taylor and Donal MacIntyre as the bookies' favourite. So did it feel like that?
"Not at all. Anything could have happened. Nothing was for certain or a foregone conclusion. It was so unpredictable that final.
"We all skated a great skate and it was anybody's game."
After partying with his girlfriend until 2am that night, he's spent this week going from rehearsal to media appointment.
He is used to the attention, from appearing in the now-defunct Channel 4 soap Brookside and The X-Factor. Despite losing out to Leona Lewis in the final he went on to have a number one album of Rat Pack covers.
"It's all the same, you know, with the pressure, then the fun side of things, the excitement and learning a new trade..."
His solo tour came to the Royal Concert Hall in 2007, though he can't recall getting a chance to look around the city.
"My cousin lives in Nottingham. And he says it's a lovely place. I'm sure he's right. I can't wait to get there and skate me heart out."
Of course, it'll be a homecoming for the show's real stars, Torvill and Dean.
"Jayne and Chris are just fantastic," says Quinn.
"Just absolute legends. And to be a part of their world and skate with them on the ice is just a dream come true."
But when they won gold at the 1984 Olympics, Quinn wasn't even born.
"I'm just totally in awe of them," he insists.
"They're absolutely beautiful skaters."
Quinn recreated their record-breaking Bolero routine for the final showdown, without their help.
"Once that music is turned on, it's just absolutely unbelievable. Something happened, you know. I puts you in a lovely state. The emotion it makes you feel... incredible... fantastic."
Head judge Robin Cousins told him and millions of viewers watching that he was as good as a professional skater.
Not that he'll be pursuing skating to such a level but he will carry on.
"I absolutely love skating now. I'm going to keep practising and getting better so when the tour comes back next year and the year after I'll be there."
He's been a soap star, a pop star and now a skating star, so what's next?
"I'm going into Grease again, playing Danny Zuko in the West End."
Even though Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner baulked at the idea of Quinn playing the role, calling him a "munchkin".
Quinn, who seems incapable of a negative emotion, responds diplomatically.
"Ah well, you'll have to come and watch it and hopefully have a different idea."
Fortunately, Gardiner won't be a tour judge as the positions have been filled by Karen Barber, Robin Cousins, Ruthie Henshaw and Nicky Slater. Andi Peters will host.
He'll follow Grease with a panto season in Birmingham but next year he's not sure.
"Musicals are where I feel at home but I'm open to anything, really. I'm a big believer in fate. Whatever's meant to be will pass me by."
After two reality TV shows would he be tempted by I'm a Celebrity... or Big Brother?
"I couldn't do the jungle to save my life. There's no way I could eat them bugs. And I'd never go on Big Brother. That's something I'd never ever do."
How about trying your hand at Donal MacIntyre's day job of undercover journalism?
"No, you're kidding, aren't you? I would be absolutely petrified."

Tickets for the additional show on Wednesday April 8 at 2.30pm are now on sale priced from £32.50 to £45. They can be bought online at, via the 24hr ticket hotline 08444 124 624 or in person at the venue.

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