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Diana Vickers (X Factor)

January 2009

HER unusual voice split audiences when she was going through the final stages of The X Factor.
It was at odds with the usual warbling diva wannabes that the competition attracts.
And listening again, it's as if Diana Vickers is chanelling Dolores Dolores O'Riordan of Irish indie band The Cranberries.
"A lot of people have said that," says the 17-year-old who is from Blackburn.
"I love the Cranberries; I think they're wicked. But it's always been there."
I suggest it may come from listening to indie bands rather than trying to mimic Mariah, Celine, Christina and the like.
"I do like a lot of bands, yeah, like the Kings of Leon, Blondie, Arctic Monkeys, John Mayer, Coldplay and Snow Patrol."
Have you tried singing with a Blackburn accent?
"I just can't do it," she laughs.
"I might experiment some time."
Vickers made the headlines during The X Factor for her relationship with fellow contestant Eoghan Quigg. Audiences cringed as he blubbed when she was booted out. She was then reported to have been caught snogging the 16-year-old. Her boyfriend then dumped her.
"I was really prepared for it," she claims of the media attention.
"I've seen it all before. You know that The X Factor's such a big show and you know you're going to be in the public eye. You know that there are going to be things written about you, so I was really fully prepared for it."
Then admits: "At first it was really strange and it hurt. But it gets to be old news to you and you laugh it off."
She was back in the news last week when a member of the audience at a club in Salisbury where she was performing ran on stage and attacked her. Or not. Turns out the fan didn't even touch her.
"No he didn't. I think he just had a bit too much to drink and wanted a photo. He was really drunk and he didn't know what he was doing. It was just that he flew out of the bar area and we didn't know what his intention was.
"It's been blown out of all proportion."
The club tour comes to Isis tomorrow night and it'll be her first visit to the city.
"When I'm doing these club tours I'm going to places I've never been before and it's really exciting."
So what does her set consist of?
"I do about four or five songs: White Flag, Man In The Mirror, Call Me and Patience. And Girlfriend sometimes. And I'm going to start singing Yellow."
It's odd that you're not of a legal age to go to nightclubs yourself?
"I know it's weird. I don't really go out or anything."
Diana will be back in Nottingham in March when The X Factor Tour comes to the Arena.
"I'm mega excited about that; it should be wicked."
Particularly as she's not seen much of her fellow contestants since the show.
"The week I went out I saw quite a bit of them because they were still doing the show. I had a couple of gigs with Ruth but everyone's just been so busy."
You realise the tabloids will be raking up the Eoghan romance?
"Maybe, but we'll just leave them to it. Let them have their little bit of fun."
They're not an item and the ex-boyfriends remains just that.
"We're really close; we're best friends," she insists.
So you're single?
"I am."
What is your ideal man?
"Someone with a wicked sense of humour."
"I do like dark hair and dark eyes."
"I dunno, just a bit rough and ready."
Not so rough.
"No not rough just a bit quirky and a bit scrubby."
Scrubby? Err, check.
"And quite cute looking."
Suit yourself.
Which famous faces does she fancy?
"I like the lead singer of the Kings Of Leon, I think he's gorgeous and I have the biggest crush on Jude Law ever. I love him."
He's old enough to be your dad.
"I know but whatever!"

Diana Vickers will perform at Isis in Redfield Way, Lenton tomorrow night, Saturday January 24

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