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Kenny Rogers (possibly)

MONDAY Went on RADIO NOTTINGHAM to be the "expert" for their Hit, Miss Or Maybe thing - basically review of three new singles released today but found a slot to announce that I'd wet the bed. Always nice to make their listeners spit out their morning coffee.

TUESDAY THE VIEW and KENNY ROGERS both book dates in the city. Interview with Gordon Marshall, a Nottingham fella who has been drumming with THE MOODY BLUES since 1991 and a yawning JIM JEFFRIES, an Oz stand-up who upset Kelly Osbourne so much she spat beer in his face.

WEDNESDAY Interview (again) with Nottingham's potential pop star with guitar SAM BEETON. And Mercury nominee ESTELLE.

THURSDAY Despite relentless calls fail to catch up with TOBY KEBBELL to find out what it was like working with Mr Madonna on the ROCKNROLLA movie. Apparently he's already finished playing Michelle Pfeiffer's masseuse in a Stephen Frears film, CHERI.

FRIDAY A struggle to get MIKE SKINNER of THE STREETS in to the flow of a conversation talking about his fourth (and worst) album.

Listening to: Glasvegas, Sam Beeton, New Kids On The Block, Elvis Vs Spankox, RockNRolla OST, Swing Out Sister, David Holmes, Glen Campbell.

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