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MONDAY Paddy Considine says his script with Shane Meadows for their Bartley Gorman movie is done after just 12 days. But it's only the first draft and "it's too early to even talk about it really." Suggest he's adopted Nottingham as his second city after he's been spotted quite a bit but he's baffled at the idea. Before I even get a chance to quiz him on the more high profile stuff - Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Fuzz - we're cut off. Suspect he faked it as he was bristling at being asked about Uma Thurman who he appears with in a BBC drama soon. "People are just people," he insists before "... hello?... hello?... (brrrrrrrrrrrr...)"

TUESDAY Much mirth as a colleague reveals that on a past paper when she interviewed a lot of bands she'd never heard of, she asked the Beautiful South 'what are your day jobs?'

WEDNESDAY Go on Radio Nottingham's morning show with Sarah Julian to talk about my 'guilty pleasures' - Take That, Coronation Street, 80s fashion gaffs and wet wipes - and get to say "penis" on air. Policies have clearly altered over there.

THURSDAY Meat Loaf fans argue on the Post web site as to whether his Arena show was a farce (it was by all accounts) and remarkably whether you spell his name as two words or one. Talk to the guy behind the Americana Festival this weekend - he's had two more heart attacks since last year (that's five in all). He even diverted a heart check up until after this weekend's Stateside celebration in Newark. Madness.

FRIDAY Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary is self-deprecating: "We're old gits" And puts paid to a few Wikipaedia questionables: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love DID meet at a BS show; he and Gibby Hayes DID sell Lee Harvey Oswald T-shirts after college; Nirvana DID support them on tour ("I didn't take any notice of support bands"); and Gibby WAS playing in a band with Johnny Depp the night River Phoenix died outside the Viper Rooms.
McFly's drummer Dougie admits that when he was asked when their album would be released said: "September the 32nd"

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