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Tim Westwood's blog on his first Glastonbury proves to be a good opener to the week. Even funnier than the interview itself.
Read it here
Watch the interview below - remembering he's a 50-year-old vicar's son from Suffolk...

Steve Coogan books a third show in the city with his Alan Partridge Tour, this time at the Arena. Les Dennis admits that his self-effacing appearance on Extras probably helped stop the tabloids hound him as 'Sad Les'. His Eurobeat co-star Sally Lindsay reckons she ditched Corrie because she wanted to "get back to comedy".
Dolly Parton's show at the Arena is too good to be true as accusations of lip-syncing seem to be following the Backwoods Barbie around. hard to tell from where I was sat but some of the showing off playing a variety of instruments with her two inch nails was suspiciously note perfect.

Offered an interview with cutlery terrorist Chris Tarrant but turn it down as too last minute. He's joining Smooth Radio - though he won't even smell Nottingham from where he'll broadcast the show. London probably.

Kylie picks up her OBE. Christ. A little talent goes a very long way.

Irvine Welsh admits he'll always be "the Trainspotting guy". Meat Loaf proves to be a sport, agreeing to talk to a mad fan and EG colleague - though nearly trips up and reveals which hotel he'll be staying at.

Listening to: Dolly Parton; Willie Nelson; Glasvegas; Wedding Present.

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