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Lou Reed: Guitar strokes during Berlin

Celine Dion’s version of AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long is the worst ever cover according to Total Guitar magazine. Girls Aloud’s take on Aerosmith’s Walk This Way is second place, while Westlife’s smothering of Extreme’s More Than Words is in third.
Les Dennis interview next week.

After This Is England and Control the next Nottingham shot movie will be a Mighty Boosh job. But not a TV-to-movie project. While written/directed by Boosh's director and featuring both Barratt and Fielding, Bunny And The Bull will be about a bloke stuck in a flat freaked by an infestation of mice remembering a disastrous road trip with his mate. Summat like that anyway. Shooting starts on Monday at the old Central TV studios.
Russell Crowe wants Sam Riley (Control) to play the dark Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's Nottingham. He's hardly likely to create too menacing a Robin. Maybe Crowe doesn't want to be upstaged.

Irvine Welsh heading to Nottingham to sign copies of his latest novel Crime - interview next week.
Su Pollard to be awarded a 'seat for life' - brass plaque and all - at the Theatre Royal next week for her "services to entertainment".

Notes on Lou Reed's Berlin show: A) he plays the guitar like he just picked it up for the first time last week (spontaneous jamming with Steve Turner - who can play - embarrassing to witness); B) He rarely smiles, preferring to sport a one-sided grimace as if he's had stroke. C). His fans in the (half empty) venue were largely middle-aged men, some of who you can guarantee didn't kiss a girl until they'd amassed a hundred albums in their teens. I spent most of the concert trying to breathe out of the left side of my mouth as the guy to the right STANK of stale smoke and BO.

Up at 4 in the morning wasting my time researching Kristeen Young - who was booted off Morrissey's tour for saying he "gives great head" (he didn't see the funny side) - as later on she emails to say the promoter has pulled next week's gig because everyone's at Glastonbury.
The full line-up for Splendour announced. well the main stage anyway. Lemonheads and Sam Beeton are the only adds. Post website comments are unnecessarily grouchy. Look at the line-up for the Mandela concert.

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