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Laughing boy Lou Reed - "I don't think you understand much"

MONDAY Andy Abraham is to release a Very Best Of album after the Eurovision debacle. Horse, A, Dead, Flogging...

TUESDAY Apparently the Dalai Lama was queuing up for a take away in town on Friday night. Almost as bizarre as this afternoon's protests in the Market Square against his visit... by BUDDHISTS!? Called mid-afternoon to see if I wanted to talk to Russell Watson ahead of his summer date here. Sure? At 8am tomorrow. Oh dear no.

WEDNESDAY Lou Reed proves to be the nightmare interviewee. As expected - despite reassurances from his 'people' that he's a "nice guy" and a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm - hence, a sense of humour. Sadly that was absent and he spent 12 minutes refusing to give an opinion on anything. "I don't think you understand much" he growled.

Chris Rock
is as good as the hype at the Royal Concert Hall.

FRIDAY Tommy Steele's interview went in EG today minus any reference to the "I showed Elvis the sites of London in the fifties" material. Steele refuses to talk about it. Probably because it's nonsense and a PR stunt for his latest theatre show Dr Dolittle that has backfired somewhat.

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