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Boyzone, including "The One Out Of Corrie" (second left)

TUESDAY There are times when you get a grounding e-mail from a record company that reminds you of your status in the media pecking order. Boyzone coming to Arena. "Hear you want an interview. How about Mikey?". Mikey a.k.a. "The Other One". As in Ronan Keating, "The Gay One", "That One Out Of Corrie", "The Racing Driving One" and... "The Other One". Fired a moaning email back and was 'rewarded' with That One Out Of Corrie. He reckons they're over the squabbling that split them up because they've grown up and, no there was "no need" for them to wait in the car park and give Ronan a good hiding. It was just a suggestion...

THURSDAY Meat Loaf is sounding his 60 years. A deal more weary than a couple of years ago when he was full of it. Put an in-office fan on the phone to him at the end of the interview for a brief chat during which she tried to get the name of the hotel where he was staying off him. Oh dear...

FRIDAY Splendour Festival line-up is announced. Two days in Wollaton Park in July. Kate Naff, Paolo Nut Cluster, The Charlietones... it's hardly Glastonbury -- or Summer Sundae come to that -- but it's better than nowt. At least Rufus Wainwright is doing the Sunday - but below Paolo in the running order!?

Paolo sent a quote over to use which his management were swift to retract: "Headlining SPLENDOUR this summer will be a great chance to dispel rumours about my apparently ambiguous gender..." Worriseonabout? Apparently calling him "The Scottish James Morrison" set his 'people' off as well. Rather that than "the Chip Shop James Blunt".

Listening to: Neil Diamond, Eastern Conference Champions, Elbow, Wedding Present, REM, James, Glasvegas.

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